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Information, Knowledge, and Management (IJIKM)
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Special Issue on
Healthcare Informatics


Deadline for paper submission: September 30, 2013

Expected publication date: December 2013




Healthcare Informatics (HI) is concerned with the study and application of concepts, theories, and techniques from information science, computer science, and healthcare. Although not entirely new, HI is still emerging as an area of application and study and has been pointed to as a means of achieving such goals as improving patient safety, improving quality of care, lowering costs, and expanding access. In fact, with the advent and advancement of networking and wireless technologies, healthcare informatics is set to revolutionize both the practice and consumption of healthcare and related services by enhancing and supporting clinical and physician practice, adding value through individual and aggregate data and information analysis and management, creating new channels for service delivery, and creating new types of healthcare organizations.

The scope of practice and research in HI is quite broad and encompasses many evolving areas in need of further development and analysis. Since the use of land line telephone in the last century, information and communication technologies have penetrated the practice and deployment of healthcare and healthcare services, but have done so along a more unique path and at a slower pace than in other industries. Accordingly, the recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

HI Architecture/Infrastructure

·         Healthcare software as a service (SaaS)

·         Healthcare platform as a service (PaaS)

·         Cloud computing in HI

·         Sensor networks

·         Remote monitoring

·         Bring your own device (BYOD)

·         Mobile technologies/networking

·         Telepresence

Technology Standards

·         Healthcare ontologies

·         Healthcare vocabularies

·         HL7

·         SNOMED CT

·         Interoperability

Healthcare Data and Information Management

·         Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

·         Electronic Health Record (EHR)

·         Practice Management Systems

·         Data Warehousing

·         Big Data

·         Healthcare Data Analytics

·         HIPAA/privacy/security

·         ICD-10

Healthcare Telematics

·         E-health

·         mHealth

·         Health portals

·         Home health monitoring

·         Tele-health applications (i.e., tele-psychiatry, tele-dermatology, etc.)

·         Personal health record

·         Health information exchange (HIE)

·         Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)

·         Healthcare social networking

·         Public Health Informatics

Healthcare/Clinical Decision Support

·         Development

·         EHR integration

·         Adoption/Acceptance/Performance

·         Alerts/prescribing

·         Diagnosis/diagnostics


While the list of topics above is quite broad, IJIKM seeks high quality submissions that reflect its stated mission of providing coverage of the use of information and technology to effectively create, apply, and communicate knowledge in organizations. Along with the listed topics, papers are sought which address:


·         The development or refinement of theories within or applied to HI

·         The development or refinement of research frameworks within or applied to HI

·         Findings supported by empirical analysis

·         Findings, analyses, etc. of international generalizability or scope.





Submissions to this special issue should follow the guidelines available at:


Prospective authors should submit their manuscripts via the journal’s online submission system. During the submission process, please indicate “Special Issue on Healthcare Informatics” in the comments area. Although the submission deadline is September 30, 2013, authors are encouraged to get in touch with the editors and indicate their interests any time before the submission due date.





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